Laser Tag

Laser Tag


Rule 1: Laser Tag is a Non-Contact Sport

Any intentional contact is unpardonable. Any accidental contact requires immediate warnings to both Laser Tag Sportsmen to be more careful, with further physical contact subject to immediate censure.

Rule 2: Sensors must be Visible

Preventing a Laser Tag beam from tagging a sensor is dishonorable. In the course of a game when a sensor is blocked, any player is allowed to yell, "Sensor!" If the player whose sensor is blocked is not in a duel with someone else, he is obliged to either run away or move to better show his sensor.

Rule 3: Sensors must be Audible

Masking the sound of a sensor in any way is dishonorable. Unless equipped with a mute button, the sensor indicator should always be free to emit its loudest tones.

Rule 4: Equipment Failure Means Disqualification

Laser Tag equipment can fail in the course of a contest (usually because of low battery power). In this event, the Lh4aser Tag Sportsman with the equipment failure is out of the contest. Each contestant is expected to check his equipment thoroughly before starting to play and must suffer the consequences of malfunctioning equipment. If equipment is provided by the game host, the player with the faulty equipment receives an automatic time- out while obtaining a replacement.

Rule 5: Sensors must be attached

A sensor that fails or is pulled off must be put back on immediately. While the sensor is not worn, the player is not allowed to use his weapon. If the sensor malfunctions, the player must take himself out of the contest. A sensor cannot be tagged when it is not attached to its Laser Tag Player. Any player who does tag an opponent's sensor while it is unattached is penalized with twice as many tags on his own sensor.

Rule 6: Sensors must be activated

At times during the beginning of normal Laser Tag contests, it could happen that a sensor is not turned on or gets reset. If this is discovered, that Laser Tag Sportsman must take himself out of the contest immediately.

Rule 7: Final Decision is made by the Host/Co-ordinate>/h4>

The host/co-ordinate of the Laser Tag game will make the final decision of which team wins.

Rule 8: Maximum Time Limit

Maximum time limit is 10 minutes. If none of players are out then extra 2 minutes will be given.

Rule 9: Laser Tag is a Game

Players must always remember that Laser Tag is only a game. It is designed so everyone can have fun. If a player gets angry, exhausted, or bitter, he should stop playing until he cools off. Not having fun is against the code.

Rule 10: Laser Tag is a Team Sport

Each team will have 2 members; if he/she does not have a partner then it will be provided. Hence individual entries are accepted. Two teams will play at a time. Teams will be sent in on first come first basis.

Note: Individual Entries are accepted Participation Fees per Player: 30rs per person




Rs 30.00 per Individual

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10: 00 Onwards

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A- 109


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